Fort Bend Ramps History

Fort Bend Ramps grew out a vision of its founder, Randall (Randy) Schulz. Randy had been a long time participant in a youth mission trip that focused on home repairs for those in need, but without the financial, and frequently physical ability, to do the repairs. Adults volunteered to coach the youth in these repairs and a large number of those adults have deep construction skills. One to the favorite projects of both the youth and the adult leaders was the construction of wheel chair ramps. It was easy to see why the wheelchair ramps were popular projects because the impact to the recipient was immediate and frequently life changing.

Randy’s vision was to take the skills these adult leaders have and use that talent to help people in and around the Fort Bend County area. Randy assembled a group of people with different areas of expertise, but also with a passion to help others and created Fort Bend Ramps. The idea was always to help those that needed a wheelchair ramp, but without the ability to provide it for themselves.

Fort Bend Ramps was established as a 501c3 non-profit in 2010. Randy had many corporate contacts and was able to secure funding through grants to get the organization started. Randy knew that the concept was easy to understand; provide access to those that were in need. To with that simple message he grew quite quickly a large volunteer base to help the experienced project leaders in each of the projects.

Randy was diagnosed with cancer and lost his valiant battle in 2017. The organization that he founded continues on with the values he established to help those in need with their mobility needs.